Growing Manufacturing in the USA

           Manufacturing is crucial in America in order to grow the economy and crawl out of the state we are currently in.  Many individuals thrive off of making things.  I am one of them.  Manufacturing is an industry that has been swept under the rug in many people’s minds.  Lots of Americans view manufacturing in the United States as a dirty low paying job that is a thing of the past.  This is completely false.  However, certain states are waking up and encouraging the growth of manufacturing.

           I read a blog by Mark Troppe titled States Focused on Growing Manufacturing, which had a lot of good things to say.  The blog stated that the National Governor’s Association in Illinois was brainstorming what types of decision making would help manufacturing growth.  For starters states need to start encouraging learning a trade in elementary and high schools.  Not everyone needs to go to college.  You can make a great living by learning a trade such as welding, tool making, and electronics to mention a few.

           Another area that needs to be addressed for manufacturing to grow in states is to lower the corporate taxes.  All you have to do is look at California for an example.  The enormous taxes and union costs drove company after company out of the area.  In order to lure more manufacturing in the United States this problem needs to be addressed.  Hopefully the states will wake and continue their efforts of promoting the growth of manufacturing.

2 responses to “Growing Manufacturing in the USA

  1. Very good article. It explains a lot of current events. So, working with your hands makes work less stressful? I just wonder 😉

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