Manufacturing Career

             I just finished reading an excellent blog by Stacey Wagner titled Woman’s Work.  It began by stating that many individuals hold stereotypes about manufacturing being a dirty labor intensive industry, no longer pays retirement benefits, and doesn’t pay well.  All three of these stereotypes are as wrong as could be.  Many individuals in the United States hold these views in their minds if they have not been directly exposed to manufacturing.

            When I was a high school science teacher I was having a conversation with another teacher about how I was going to go back to a career in manufacturing.  This individual looked at me and honestly asked if where I was going to work was similar to where Homer Simpson worked in the television show called the Simpsons.  This is how out of touch many individuals are about manufacturing.

            In reality manufacturing is a great career choice for any person man or woman who enjoys working hard, working with their hands, and earning a good check at the end of the week.  As far as retirement benefits go I have an excellent 401K that is matched by our company.  The days of lifetime retirement benefits are few and hard to find unless you are a Union Worker, which is a whole other conversation.  Schools across America need to realize that not everyone wants to sit behind a computer all day or be involved in a service industry.  Manufacturing is a great career choice for many Americans.


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