Good Leader Bad Leader

            Many individuals no matter what type of work you are involved in have had a power hungry boss at one point in time throughout their careers.  If you have not had that lovely experience, thank your lucky stars.  Often times these so called “leaders” will not act the same way around strong minded individuals.    One must stay confident around these types of individuals at all times.  If you are weak in the mind and display lack of confidence in your actions you will often times be preyed upon by these types of people. 

            This type of behavior can be seen on any playground across the world.  If you hold your ground and stay confident, these insecure individuals aka bullies/power hungry bosses, will leave you alone and move on to an easier prey.  Each work environment has a different dynamic to it.  From my personal experience manufacturing has a lot of straightforward individuals since there is no time to waste.  It is important to realize the difference between a power hungry boss and a straight talking honest boss.  If you are easily offended by straight forward talk then manufacturing may not be the place for you.

            I read a blog titled Leading Views that was written by James Stockdale that had some interesting views.  It stated that everyone is tired of leaders that they fear and that great leaders gain authority by giving it away.  This was very interesting point.  Many individuals get wrapped up in the power of being a boss.  In actuality it is a privilege to lead people.  Before acting one must listen, ask lots of questions, and realize at one point in time you were on the other side of the equation.


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