Are You a Leader?

          Having and displaying leadership qualities in a manufacturing setting is essential in the end goal of producing a superior product amongst your competition.  Without the proper leadership in a manufacturing environment you end up with a lot of highly skilled persons not being used effectively.  You must place people in positions in which they can be successful.  This is one of the most important skills you must display in manufacturing.  An example of this would be if someone is good at organizational skills, planning, and communicating you need to place them in a position such as a planner who follows and tracks meticulously the place and process each part is in.

          I read a blog by Art Petty titled Leadership Caffeine  that had some very valid points on leadership qualities.  The first point I found interesting was how many people in charge feel an overwhelming urge to want to tell others what to do.  This is often the case in many work environments.  The article then went on to say most communication by people in charge should be listening and asking questions.  This is an enormous part of being a leader in any environment.  The more you listen and ask questions the better leader you will be.

          Leadership is a skill that is built over time.  A person doesn’t just wake up one morning and become a great leader.  You must watch and learn from great leaders.  By watching other leaders, triumphs and mistakes you can see what works and what doesn’t.  At the end of the day some people have what it takes and some do not.  Great leaders are hard to come by so if you have what it takes show of your skills.


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