Manufacturing in the U.S.A

     What has happened to manufacturing in the United States?  In the 1960’s and 1970’s the U.S. was booming with manufacturing jobs nationwide.  Places like Los Angeles, CA were erupting with work for the blue collar individual who was highly skilled using his or her hands and who didn’t mind coming home tired and filthy.  Street corner after street corner had manufacturing facilities such as Honeywell, Hughes Aircraft, and Wolf Range that paid extremely well.  Now all of these facilities have closed their doors or are skeletons of what they used to be.
     Labor union costs, corporate taxes, property taxes, and never ending pension benefits are a few of the many reasons why these companies left and will never come back.  Manufacturing is what made America the successful economic powerhouse that it is today.  We need to get manufacturing back as a cornerstone to our country in order to revive our terrible economy.  Our country can’t survive on desk jobs and service industries.  I have been around manufacturing my entire life and believe that it is essential for the economic future of the United States. 
     I am an electronics technician at a facility that makes and repairs jet airplane engine parts.  I build and maintain very complex equipment that includes mills, lasers, x-ray machines, grinders, casting furnaces, and EDM machines to mention a few.  I love the challenge of solving problems that others cannot.  I am currently earning my MBA at University of Nevada Reno to better my leadership skills with the expectations of one day leading a group of skilled workers in a manufacturing environment.         

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