I am a former science teacher that needed more of a challenge using his hands.  I have lead large groups of low income students in urban cities and now I want to lead adults in a manufacturing setting.  I currently build and maintain machinery for a company that makes jet airplain engine parts.  I am an energetic worker that loves a good challenge inolving electronics and mechanical aspects of all types of machinery.  I am currently earning my MBA at University of Nevada Reno.

     I am relentless at working hard and finding answers that others give up on.  I have extensive experience with supervising the troubleshooting, building, and maintaining of Robots, Lasers, Mills, Grinders, X-Ray Machines, Casting Furnaces and EDM machines.   I also hold expertise in reading and identifying problems with electrical schematics to help with troubleshooting.   My goals are to finish my MBA program at UNR, lead a wide range of individuals in a manufacturing environment, and to continue improving my skills as a leader.